Since 2018, our company holds annual summit on China
offshore dollar bond market and seminars every year.
Below are 2019 China offshore dollar bond summit in Shenzhen
and 2019 China credit bond market seminar in Beijing.

Business development challenges and opportunities for China offshore dollar bond market
Look at China offshore dollar bond from a global perspective
2019 investment outlook for China offshore high yield dollar bond
Secondary market liquidity problems for China offshore dollar bond market
Distressed investing in China offshore dollar bond market
Zheng Cao (Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income Proprietary Investment, CLSA)
Dong Chen (Chairman, RightTime Asset Management)
Desmond How (Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income, GaoTeng International Asset Management)
Chao Li (Deputy Director of Treasury and Head of Fixed Income, CNCB International)
Ben Yuen (CIO of Fixed Income, BOCHK Asset Management)
Oliver Shang (Senior PM, Head of Offshore Fixed Income , CITIC Capital)
Kevin Wu (Portfolio Manager, PinPoint)
Kevin Xu (CEO, Central Wealth Group Holdings)
Justin Zhang (Founder/CIO, Cithara Investment)

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Issuer credit outlook in China offshore dollar bond market
Opportunities between onshore and offshore structured credits
RMB credit bond market opportunities and macro outlook
2020 investment outlook for China offshore dollar bond
Ben Yau (Director, Lianhe Ratings Global)
Charles Fan (CEO, Jinyi Capital)
Alex Liu (Director, Head of Fixed Income Credit Research, Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong))
Yao Lu (VP, Spread Product Sales, Asia Pacific, Citi)
Geng Xin (CEO, Fosun Asset Management)
Renzhi Ai (VP, Lianhe Ratings)
Binbin Sun (Head of Fixed Income Research, Tianfeng Securities)
Chong Ma (Senior PM, Fixed Income Investment, China RE Assets)
Tao Cheng (Head of Fixed Income Investment, RongTong International Asset Management)
Peng Zheng (Director, Head of Overseas Team, Institutional Bond Investment, China Asset Management)